Friday, December 6, 2013

A Visit with Santa

So I've fallen off the blogging bandwagon and have debated stopping but I love keeping my memories together, written down because we all know I can't store them all in my head. I can barely remember what happened yesterday! So here I am with hopes of keeping my life together and blogging our small family memories more often. 

On to Santa...

Last year, Paige was NOT a fan of Santa! She was terrified! He came to visit at my sisters house and it just went down hill from there. It went a little like this : 

The funny thing is when she met him for the first time at 6 months he told us this would happen and he was right. I guess when you see kids all day, you know what ages freak and what others don't. 

That brings us to this year. This year she is completely into anything Christmas (which I love). I have been building Santa up hoping we would not have a repeat of last year. She likes him and says she will visit but always told me no when I asked if she would sit on his lap. 

Uh-oh, right? I get it...a big fat man comes through the chimney to deliver gifts to's a little creepy. 

Well I keep building him up and you know the whole bribery of he brings presents and all. So she finally warmed up enough to say yes. 

Once she said I jumped to dress her and head to the mall. There wasn't a line (thanks to bad weather coming in) which made it so nice. We walked right up and she walked straight to him. I was shocked!! 

From there she sat on his lap, took a picture for mommy (how sweet of her), asked for her pink bike (which he has magically already delivered), and even gave him a hug. She wasn't so sure of him the whole time but she talked about him all night. 

She was then treated to a delicious hot chocolate for being so brave. 

Everyone says enjoy them while they're little, they grow up too fast, you'll miss these moments when they're older, etc. well I know yesterday was one of those moments. She was so innocent talking to Santa  and was in heaven the rest of the night. It was a magical night for all three of us that I hope to never forget. 

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