Sunday, July 28, 2013

Vacation High

Ahhh vacations are great aren't they? Even though we've been back for a few days I'm still floating high in the sky basking in my vacation high. 

It was so nice to just to be the three of us. No schedules or routines, no housework to be done, really no electronics, phones, or tvs, no distractions but each other. We were free to do whatever we wanted with nothing holding us back. It brought us a closer as a family unit and Jake and I as a couple. It reminds to cherish the simple joys in life a little more. 

I guess this is exactly what vacations are for. It takes you away from everyday life that can bog you down and just seem mundane and whisk you off into land of freedom and happiness. I hope I hold onto this high for a few more days (I would say forever but I know thats not possible as much as I wish it was) and not let life rain on my parade. Too bad we can't take monthly getaways to give us a recharge to tackle the everyday strains of life. 

To Jake and Paige thanks for a great summer getaway. I wish we could float life away in the lazy river everyday. I will always cherish the memories made as we will never have quite the same ones again. Each vacation is different and gives different memories to keep each time. I'll hold onto this high until next time and look forward to where our next vacation takes us. 

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