Sunday, August 12, 2012


This house has really watching the Summer Olympics. The tv has been on none stop for the past two weeks whether we are in the room actually watching it, closely listening from the playroom or kitchen, or walking through while doing chores. Jake amd i literally were glued to tv after beftime till eleven every night or until he had to leave for work. I particularly enjoyed the swimming and gymnastics while Jake tends to favor the track and field and power lifting. We both LOVED beach volleyball and were so excited that the two USA teams played each other for the final. We didn't really care for the equestrian events simply because we didn't understand most of them but it didn't hold us back from continuing to watch.

It is just so inspiring to watch these men and women who have worked so hard to represent their country. I'm not going to lie, there were a few medal ceremonies that brought tears to my eyes, the Fab 5 team gold one to be exact. I kept looking at those young girls just thinking they were someone's baby like my sweet Paige. How awesome it must have been not only for the athletes who won, but for their supporting team at home parents, spouses, brothers/sisters, friends who ever it may be who have been there since day one supporting them every step of the way. Those medals belong them as well.

We were so inspired we even had some fun and created our own olympic sports.

I created "slap-face". It's a mix between wrestling and boxing but you don't hit you slap each others face. Jake won gold in that event which now looking back I should have won. I mean I created it so I guess I should have changed the rules along the way in my favor. Luckily Paige got to sit this one out. But don't be mistaken, she participated in her own Olympic sports.

She was so inspired by the girl gymnasts, she tried to do forward rolls. I would look up and she would be in a pike position, with her head and hands on the ground getting ready to roll.

She even created 2 games herself. The first one is called "Diaper Wrestling". It's also a mix between boxing and wrestling. The ultimate goal is for her not to get a new diaper, I'm assuming, or at least that's what it looked like to me. The winner of this event is still under debate. Although she did show some great rolls and excellent back arching, I think I win the gold in this one!

She also created "Nap Fighting". She clearly won gold in this event but not with a tough fight with the silver medalist (me). This one was not my favorite like the equestrian events.

Between the real games on tv and the fake games we created, we have ultimately enjoyed the 2012 Summer Olympics and look forward to Rio. Paige will be 5, gosh that's too old but anyways, I hope she gets into them as much as we do. Maybe we will have a few more games to announce to the world that may have a chance at becoming a real Olympic sport.

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