Friday, June 15, 2012

Space Bag Freak

It's not a secret...Paige is spoiled.

She's spoiled with attention, hugs, kisses, and toys. But most of all she is spoiled with clothes. You could say I have a shopping problem. It's very rare I leave Target without an outfit for her. Its just so hard not to buy things when they are so cute and cheap!

We would like to have another child someday (not any time soon so don't ask). Since Paige has so many cute clothes and there's always a possibility we could have another girl I am keeping everything. Since she has so much, storage space has become a serious problem.

Enter Space Bags.

I've always seen them around but never really had the need, but now I need to store a million little tiny outfits just waiting to be worn again.

So...with it being summer I made it my goal to organize our house. First on the list to organize? Paige's clothes. To date I've just been tossing clothes into a box as she outgrows them. I've tried to separate here and there during naps without any luck of making a dent. This week I went upstairs and actually separated it all by size. Then I put the Space Bags to the test.

They are AMAZING! I was astonished how flat it made a heaping mound of clothes. Now what took up a whole plastic bin, only takes up half. This is going to help with storing all these cute clothes.

Newborn and 3 months clothes are vacuumed packed. Next up...6-9 months tomorrow.

Also...I sure hope we have another girl or all this organizing and storing is a waste. But if we don't, someone very lucky will get bags and bags of perfectly organized, labeled, super cute girl clothes. Until then I will be Space Bagging my whole house!

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