Thursday, March 8, 2012

Upload All?

With Open House approaching at school, I had to take my little camera to work to take pictures of my kiddos. Between our big camera and my phone I rarely use this little camera. I put the camera disk into the machine and it asks if I want to upload all pictures or just by sections. Of course it would have been faster to only upload the last few days, but I was curious what other pictures were on there. There were pictures of Paige with various grandparents and great grandparents, Paige playing, Gigi reading to Paige and her cousin, and a good friend's wedding festivities. Out of all the pictures, these caught my attention the most.

These were taken at the DOC Band office at her first weekly appointment after getting her helmet. In the weeks prior, I remember being consumed with worry of how she would react and adapt to the helmet. As you can see, my time spent worrying was time wasted (which is almost always is). She is just the same happy baby as ever.

It's also amazing how fast you forget about things. I haven't forgotten about the DOC band ordeal by any means, but it's definitely not on my mind a lot. It's something I stressed about for weeks then months and now she's been helmet free for 2 months and it's like she never even had to wear it.

She's about 5 months old in these pictures. Cute, cuddly, and so little! Just fixing her flat.

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